How do I add a calendar to my dashboard? dashboards can display calendar agenda from any iCal compatible source including:
  1. Google Calendar
  2. Apple iCloud Calendar
  3. Microsoft Office 365 Calendar
  4. Facebook Events / Birthdays
Click on any of the above links for details on how to set up that particular calendar type. 

Did you know that any iCal compatible URL can be used?

As long as the calendar is published as an iCal file via the web or via a webcal:// endpoint, you should be able to use it as a calendar resource.

Try clicking the 'Help' button when creating a calendar for a variety of calendar recommendations. You can click on any of the Popular Calendar options to automatically configure that particular calendar.

Add Calendar to Dashboard

Once you've added your calendar source, you can add it to your dashboard using the following instructions:

  1. Open your desired dashboard
  2. Tap the `...` in the bottom right corner and select Edit
  3. Tap the green '+' button to add an item
  4. Expand the Calendars section and select your calendar to add it to your dashboard

You can find more information about customizing your calendar display and the associated refresh intervals in the following article:

Customizing Your Calendar View and Understanding Refresh Intervals

Calendar Types

Month Calendar

A default 'Month' calendar is included in the list which displays the dates in the current month with the current day highlighted.
The current day highlight color is based on the 'Active' color set in either your Dashboard configuration or the individual tile's color settings. Similarly, the tile background color is based on the 'Default' color you have chosen. 

Agenda Calendar

Calendar resources that you've added will show up in an agenda view which displays calendar entries grouped by day in a scrollable list. 

The Agenda Calendar tile has a variety of Additional Options that can be configured to customize the look, feel, and interaction of the tile:

Other Notes

The font size for the calendar is determined by the relative size of a 1x1 tile on the dashboard. When using one of the default 'Number of Columns' settings for a Scalable dashboard the font should be a reasonable size, but if the number of columns has been increased or decreased significantly, then the font size might be too small or too large. You can use Custom CSS to adjust the size of your calendar content as desired: 

Adjust Calendar Font Size with Custom CSS

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