Customizing Your Calendar View and Understanding Refresh Intervals

If you've connected to your Calendar to your SharpTools account, you can add it to your dashboard using the Calendar tile to display your upcoming agenda items.

Multiple Calendars

Premium users can add multiple calendars and combine them on a single tile by editing an existing calendar tile:

Refresh Interval

Calendars refresh every 30 minutes on the premium tier and every 6 hours on the free tier. So if you've recently added an entry to your calendar for testing, you may need to wait until the next refresh interval before that entry will be displayed.

Also note that the calendar agenda tile is filtered to the next 7 days of activity, so events beyond that time frame will not be displayed.


The calendar tile comes with a variety of settings so you can customize the agenda to look the way you want it to:

  • Orientation: Vertical or Horizontal
    • Changes the display of the tile between a vertical list of dates or horizontal list of dates
  • Show End Time
    • Shows the start time for the agenda event
  • Show Start Time
    • Shows the end time for the agenda event (if available)
  • Time Position: Below Summary or Left of Summary
    • Changes the display of the time to either be in a column to the left of the summary or a line below the summary
  • Enable Agenda Hyperlinks
    • Turns the agenda item into a clickable link if the agenda item includes a URL
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