How to use Google Calendar in Calendar Tiles dashboards support a variety of calendars via the iCal standard, including Google Calendar. This article explains how to get an iCal compatible URL for SharpTools.
  1. Open Google Calendar Settings from your web browser
  2. Under the left navigation, look for Settings for my calendars and select your desired calendar
  3. Select Integrate Calendar from the sub menu that appears 
  4. Find the Secret Address in iCal format and copy the URL
  5. Open the Manage Resources screen for Calendars
  6. Click Create Calendar
  7. Enter a name for the calendar and the URL you copied from the Secret Address in iCal format field
  8. Click Create
Success! You've now linked your Google Calendar as a valid calendar source in SharpTools. To use the calendar in your dashboards, edit your dashboard and add the newly created calendar.

You can find more information about customizing your calendar display and the associated refresh intervals in the following article:

Customizing Your Calendar View and Understanding Refresh Intervals

General information about adding a calendar to your dashboard can be found here:

How do I add a calendar to my dashboard?

Google Workspace (Business / G Suite) Users

Your Google Workspace administrator will need to make sure external sharing is enabled in order to access the Secret Address in iCal format:

  1. Login to the G Suite administration panel at:
  2. Select Apps G SuiteCalendar
  3. Under Sharing Settings, set External sharing options for primary calendars to:

    'Share all information, but outsiders cannot change'

  4. Under General Settings, set External sharing options for secondary calendars to:

    'Share all information, but outsiders cannot change'

  5. Tap Save
Note that it may take several hours before the changes take effect.
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