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            Thanks for your interest in! This article explains what is, how to connect your smart devices / hubs, and includes links to other helpful guides. 

            What is

   is a web application that enables you to view, control, and automate your smart home. This is done through two primary features:
            1. Dashboard :  Provides an intuitive way to view status and control your smart home devices from any modern browser. Easily accessible from mobile phones and frequently used in dedicated tablet displays.

            2. Rule Engine : A simple but powerful automation tool that enables you to create automation rules in a visual flow editing interface. Rules can be triggered based on time schedules, device events, hub events, conditions and more.

            Connecting Smart Devices

            In order to have communicate with your smart home devices, let's get them connected first. 
            At the time of writing this article, supports the  SmartThings  and  Hubitat  smart home platforms. Each of these platforms connects with hundreds of devices across a variety of protocols. For more information, see the  Compatible Devices article
            Do you have suggestions for other smart home platforms we should support? Send a message to with your suggestion. 

            High Level Approach

            1. Sign into
            2. Authorize your smart home devices
            3. Create a new dashboard and/or automation rule

            Detailed Steps

            1. Note : If you haven't signed-in yet, login using one of the presented options (Google, Email/Password, Phone) 
            2. After logging in, you should arrive at the the User page.
            3. Tap "Manage Connections" and the platform you want to connect to your SharpTools account.

            4. You should be redirected to a SmartThings/Hubitat login. Enter your SmartThings/Hubitat credentials and complete the sign-in


            5. After you have signed in, select your location from the drop down list, and check the boxes for the devices you want SharpTools to be able to access.
              Note : If you add new devices to your SmartThings or Hubitat hub in the future, be sure to complete this Manage Connections process again to grant SharpTools access to the new devices. 

            6. Scroll down and tap ' Authorize ' at the bottom of the authorization screen
            7. Now you should be redirected back to page with the following success message displayed.

            After seeing the 'Congrats!' screen, it may take a few moments to complete the setup work in the background depending on how many devices were authorized. 
            If you are having difficulty authorizing devices on Hubitat, refer to the Hubitat Authorization Troubleshooting Steps  

            Congratulations!  You've connected your devices to SharpTools - you are now ready to create your custom dashboard or automation rule!

            If you have any question or need any help, feel free to contact
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