Hubitat Authorization Troubleshooting Steps

If you are having trouble authorizing devices from your Hubitat hub, try the following troubleshooting steps.

Verify Cloud Connectivity

In order for SharpTools to communicate with Hubitat, your Hubitat hub will need to be online and connected to the Hubitat Cloud Relay. One way to verify if your hub is connected to the cloud relay is to try other cloud connected apps in Hubitat. For example, try authorizing IFTTT or Alexa and see if they are able to complete the authorization process. Additionally, you might try using the Cloud links in the built-in Hubitat Dashboard app. 
Cloud connectivity issues can usually be resolved with a simple reboot of the Hubitat hub.

Authorize Small Batches

There have been occasional reports of specific devices causing the whole authorization process to fail. Instead of selecting the 'Select All Devices' checkbox, try authorizing small batches of devices. For example, start by authorizing a single simple on/off switch that you've used before (ideally, using a simple Z-wave Switch or Zigbee Switch built-in driver). If the authorization doesn't work, try unselecting the previously selected device and selecting another simple on/off switch (again only selecting a single device to keep the test simple). If the authorization is successful, try incrementally authorizing a few additional devices until you find the device or set of devices which are causing the issue. 
Users have reported the following 'devices' as potential problem devices:
  • Lowes Iris Outlets 
    • These devices typically have a Zigbee and Z-wave component to them. The Zigbee portion of the switch is controllable and the z-wave side of things acts as a repeater. The device should either not be authorized in SharpTools or should use a Generic Z-wave device driver. 
    • Testing showed that if the Z-wave side of the outlet was set up as a Z-wave Switch, it would show that it reports a 'switch' attribute, but the attribute would never be set and would cause the Hubitat hub to hang.
  • Hubitat Device Groups
    • These 'devices' may cause the hub to hang when responding during the initial authorization process. As there can be any number of devices and types of devices in these groups, the results for these may be hit or miss. For example, you may have luck with authorizing some of your device groups but not others. Or you may find that you can authorize a single device group, but cannot authorize multiple device groups.

Reboot Hub

If the above troubleshooting steps don't help, try rebooting your Hubitat hub. After rebooting the hub, you may want to wait a few minutes for the startup processes on the hub to complete so the full set of resources are available to the hub.
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