How to Connect Homey to SharpTools

To connect your Homey to SharpTools, you’ll need to install the SharpTools Homey App and then authorize access to your devices.

A Homey Pro is required to use this integration. It is not compatible with Homey Cloud / Bridge.

Install SharpTools Homey App

  1. Open the SharpTools app listing within the Homey App Store.
  2. Within the App Store listing, tap the green 'Install App' button and follow the prompts

Authorize Devices

Now that the SharpTools Homey app is installed, we can open the app configuration and authorize access to your devices.

  1. Open the SharpTools Homey app configuration within your Homey UI

    If the link above doesn't work, you can open and tap the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, scroll down to 'Apps' and select SharpTools, then tap the Configure button

    You can also access the app settings from the Homey mobile app, but we have found authorizing the connection from to be a smoother experience.

  2. Once the app configuration is open, tap the Authorize button

  3. If the authorization screen doesn't automatically open, tap the Start button

  4. When the authorization screen pops up:
    1. If you are prompted with a login screen, login with your SharpTools credentials

      Note: The Google login option may be disabled on iOS. You can link an email/password login to your SharpTools account and use that instead.

    2. If you are prompted to authorize your connection, either Select an existing location if you already have one, or Create a new location.

  5. Once you've selected a location, you'll be instructed to return to the previous page.
    1. If you are in a web-browser on a computer or your Android device, simply close the window and return to the SharpTools Homey app configuration
    2. If you are on iOS, the authorization screen may open within the Homey mobile app. In that case, you may have to close the authorization / app configuration screen, then reopen the SharpTools App configuration and select 'Authorize' again to proceed
  6. Upon returning to the app configuration, the location authorization should complete and you will be presented with a list of 'Things' which you can authorize. Check the boxes next to your the things you would like to authorize and tap the Save button.

  7. Once the device synchronization completes, you should be shown a success message. At this point, you can open in your browser and start creating dashboards!

Reauthorize or Manage Devices

If you’d like to change your device selections, you can reopen the SharpTools Homey App configuration and follow the steps above to adjust your device selections.

Getting Support

If you have any trouble with the above steps, feel free to reach out to via email.

Our community is also a fantastic resource if you have general questions about SharpTools or are looking for inspiration. Our staff also monitor the community closely, so it's a great place to get help!

Diagnostic Submissions

If a staff member asks you to submit a diagnostic submission, please make sure to follow the instructions below. The generic 'Create Diagnostics Report' near the restart and uninstall buttons will not help.

Instead, you'll want to open the app using the Configure button, tap the System link at the bottom, then tap the blue Upload Diagnostics button within that screen.

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