Why don't my things show up?

            In order for SharpTools to have access to your things, you must first authorize access to your things.

            SharpTools for Web

            Use the following instructions to authorize access to new things on SharpTools for Web
            1. Login to
            2. Select the Account dropdown > View Account
            3. Click Manage Connections
            4. Select your desired platform and follow the on-screen instructions
            SmartThings recently started migrating accounts over to 'Samsung' accounts. When logging in to SmartThings, you may be prompted to select the appropriate login credentials. If you recently setup your SmartThings hub, it will likely be a Samsung account. Most accounts have been migrated to Samsung accounts, but if your login doesn't work, try starting the process over and selecting the other login type.

            If you are having trouble authorizing your Hubitat hub, try the troubleshooting steps in the Hubitat Authorization Troubleshooting document.

            Updated: 22 Oct 2018 01:50 AM
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