Introduction to Home Assistant Connection

Home Assistant is a popular open-source smart home system that supports connecting smart devices through various protocols including Zigbee, Z-wave, Bluetooh, MQTT, WIFI, and more. You can connect your Home Assistant instance to SharpTools using the SharpTools Add-on to create stunning smart home dashboards and powerful automations using the SharpTools Dashboard and Rule Engine!

Container Alternative

Home Assistant OS is the most popular way of running Home Assistant, so if you're running a typical installation, you can skip this note and proceed to the install instructions.

If you're running a containerized or "Core" installation, Add-ons are not supported by Home Assistant, but we have a container image which supports these install types. You can find details in the Container Readme or send a note to if you have any questions.

Detailed step-by-step connection instructions can be found in the How to connect Home Assistant to SharpTools article.

Install SharpTools Add-on and Connect to SharpTools

  1. Click the button below to add the SharpTools repository to your Home Assistant Addon Store. When prompted, press ‘Add’ next to the prefilled repository field.

    Open your Home Assistant instance and show the add add-on repository dialog with a specific repository URL pre-filled.

  2. Once the SharpTools repository is added, install the SharpTools Addon from the Addon Store

  3. Authorize your Home Home Assistant devices/entities to SharpTools

Need Support?

You can reach out to support by sending an email to and including any related screenshots and diagnostic data. Diagnostic data can be exported through the Diagnostics page in SharpTools addon.

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