How to connect Home Assistant to SharpTools

To connect your Home Assistant instance to SharpTools, you’ll need to install the SharpTools Add On in Home Assistant.

Container Alternative

Home Assistant OS is the most popular way of running Home Assistant, so if you're running a typical installation, you can skip this note and proceed to the install instructions.

If you're running a containerized or "Core" installation, Add-ons are not supported, but we have a container image in beta which supports these install types. Send a note to and we can share more details.

This article includes detailed step-by-step instructions. For general Home Assistant connection information, please read the Introduction to Home Assistant Connection article.

Install Addon

  1. Open the Configuration menu item your Home Assistant interface
  2. Select Add-ons, Backups & Supervisor item in the configuration menu
  3. Select the Add-on Store button at the bottom-left corner
  4. Tap the ... in the top-right corner and select Repositories
  5. In the Manage add-on repositories prompt, enter the following URL and tap  ADD

    imageAfter spinning for a few seconds, the repository should be added and if you scroll through the Add On Store lists, you should find a section for SharpTools (at the bottom on a normal Home Assistant installation).

    After adding the repository, if you don’t see SharpTools in the list, tap the  ... in the top-right corner of the page and select Reload then wait ~30 seconds to see if the option shows up.
  6. Select SharpTools from the list

  7. From the add-on details screen, tap Install
    Depending on the speed of your connection and the device running Home Assistant, this may take a few minutes. On a Raspberry Pi 3, this step took just over 5 minutes.
  8. Once the add-on is installed, tap Start to start the add-on
  9. Wait a few moments for the add-on to start up, then tap Open Web UI

Authorize Devices

Now that the Add-on is installed, we can open the Add-on’s web UI and authorize your devices.

  1. From the Add-on’s details screen within Supervisor, tap Open Web UI
  2. Select the Authorize link in the middle of the status card
    You should see a SharpTools window pop-up. If you aren’t already logged into SharpTools, please do so.
  3. From the SharpTools pop-up, select the Create button next to the stubbed location
    (If you already have an existing Home Assistant location, tap ‘Select’ next to your desired location)
  4. The pop-up window will close and you will be redirected back to the Add On where it will complete the initial connection
  5. Select the Entities you would like to authorize to SharpTools, then scroll down and tap Submit
  6. Once the synchronization is complete, open in a new window.

Reauthorize or Manage Devices

If you’d like to change your device selections, you can tap the  Manage option in the top-navigation of the Add-on and change your device selections. Make sure to scroll to the bottom and submit your changes when you’re done making selections.

From the Home tab of the add-on, you can tap the  Authorize link at any time to proceed through the authorization process from the start again.

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