Introduction to Themes and Styles

Themes and Styles enable you to fine tune the look and feel of your dashboards. You can create a Theme which is a collection of settings for dashboards and tiles including options like background colors, foreground colors, and more.
The screenshot above shows the overall composition of a Theme including general dashboard settings like the background color and background image (optional). Themes are then comprised of any number of Tile Styles which let you tweak a variety of tile settings like those shown in the screenshot below:
All themes include at least a default and active style which very closely mirrors the Default/Active Color setting which styles are replacing. The 'default' style sets the base styling that all tiles inherit. The 'active' style is only applied to tiles which are currently active (eg. a light being on).
You can further customize things by adding your own named styles and using them in your dashboards by editing a tile. For example, you may want to create 'warning' and 'alert' styles that you can use for things that need your attention - maybe even taking advantage of the new Icon Animations!

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