How can I use as an 'app' on Mac?

Looking for a way to view your dashboards as an 'app' on your Mac? Popular approaches include:

  • Google Chrome: Create Shortcut
  • Fluid App

Google Chrome

Chrome, the popular browser by Google, offers an option to create a 'shortcut' for a website and optionally open it in a window like an app.

  1. Visit your desired dashboard
    Optionally, modify the URL so it opens without the navigational elements
  2. Tap the vertical three dots in the top-right corner of Chrome to open the browser menu
  3. Select More Tools → Create Shortcut
  4. Adjust the name as desired and optionally check the box for 'Open as Window', then tap Create
  5. Open the 'Chrome Apps' directory and drag the app from the folder into your Dock

Fluid App

Check out the native Mac app called Fluid which enables you to convert dashboards into an 'app'. 

With Fluid, you supply the URL to your favorite SharpTools dashboard and Fluid will create an app that shows up in your dock and runs as a dedicated frameless app. There's also some optional premium features like pinning the app to your status bar for quick access, adding userstyles (custom CSS), and enabling fullscreen mode. 
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