How do I access SmartThings Home Monitor?

SmartThings Home Monitor is a powerful tool in SmartThings for monitoring your home's security and notifying you of potential intrusions or unexpected security issues. SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM) can use motion sensors, contact sensors, and other sensors to monitor for unexpected activity in your home and can notify you via SMS or push notification. 
While SmartThings Home Monitor is not directly accessible from SharpTools, you can use virtual switches along with the Custom Automation builder in the Samsung SmartThings mobile app.
SHM vs STHM (tap to expand)
The Samsung SmartThings mobile app and SmartThings Classic app have two completely independent versions of Smart Home Monitor. Settings / actions in one version of the app do not impact settings in the other. Additionally, third party apps like SharpTools only have access to the Smart Home Monitor version in the SmartThings Classic app.
SmartThings recently announced plans to ask users to migrate from SmartThings Classic to the Samsung SmartThings application. Users maybe be prompted to complete a migration/transition process to help them move to the new app.

As part of this migration process, you will lose access to Smart Home Monitor (SHM
) and will have to use SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM) which cannot be controlled by third-party apps at this point. Please see the following post for more details and workarounds: 

FAQ: SmartThings Mobile App Migration (and impact to SharpTools)
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