How do I access SmartThings Scenes?

Scenes are a nice addition to the SmartThings ecosystem which enable you to automate multiple devices. Scenes also have the benefit of being able to set each individual light in the scene to a unique dim level rather than setting all lights to the same dim level. 
While Scenes are not directly available within SharpTools, you can trigger a Scene using a virtual switch or mode change using the Custom Automation builder in the new Samsung SmartThings app.
Routines from SmartThings Classic are now officially deprecated by SmartThings and have been replaced by Scenes. Information below is for historical purposes only.
SmartThings has recently renamed Scenes to Routines. As you'll note from the description below about 'Routines', this is a bit of a confusing change as 'Routines' previously referred to an automation of multiple devices within the SmartThings Classic app.
About Routines (tap to expand)
Routines were an excellent automation feature that had been available in the SmartThings ecosystem for many years. Routines allowed you to control a number of devices and parts of your smart home system with a single tap. For example, you could dim multiple lights, lock the doors, and change the mode all with the tap of a button. The beautiful thing about this is routines can become a tile in a SharpTools dashboard, an action in a SharpTools Rule, or controlled from the SharpTools for Android Tasker plugins and widgets.
Routines are only available in the SmartThings Classic app and are an excellent way to trigger Scenes and other automations from third-party apps like SharpTools.
SmartThings recently announced plans to ask users to migrate from SmartThings Classic to the Samsung SmartThings application. Users maybe be prompted to complete a migration/transition process to help them move to the new app. 

As part of this migration process, you will lose access to Routines in favor of and Scenes which cannot be controlled by SharpTools at this point. Please see the following post for more details and workarounds: 

FAQ: SmartThings Mobile App Migration (and impact to SharpTools)
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