How can I use with Fully Kiosk Browser? is a modern web application which supports any modern web browser, including kiosk style browsers. Fully Kiosk Browser is a great application for use with Android and Amazon Fire devices -- especially if you want to have a kiosk-like experience or dedicate a tablet/phone for displaying your dashboards. 
Looking for a kiosk app for your iPad? Try the Add to Homescreen approach which provides an app-like full screen experience or see the Transition from Fire Tablet to iPad post in the community for more suggestions.
Fully Kiosk Browser has several features which make it convenient for use as a dedicated dashboard display:
  • Full screen visualization - no navigation buttons, URL bars, or other distractions - just your dashboard!
  • Screensaver mode to display an alternative website or dim the screen (eg. slideshows, calendars, etc)
  • Motion detection to automatically wake the tablet and switch out of screensaver mode
  • And many more features which you can find on the Fully Kiosk Browser website.

Fire Tablets

When using a Fire Tablet, you'll want to make sure you download the version of Fully Kiosk Browser specifically designed for Fire OS. This can be found in the ' Download Box' on the Fully Kiosk site. 
Note that older Fire tablets have some limitations - of particular note is the lockscreen cannot be disabled, so it is suggested to use the screensaver feature rather than having Fully lock your tablet - otherwise you will have to manually unlock it rather than take advantage of the motion features.
Starting with Fully Kiosk Browser 1.39.1, the Unlock Screen option is available on Fire tablets running Android 7 or newer. This should cover most ~2018 and newer Fire tablet models. 

Other Configuration Considerations

Google Login

Also note that Google blocks logins from webviews, so you will either need to link another an email or phone login type from your user page or adjust the user agent in Fully Kiosk Browser under Settings → Advanced Web Settings → Fake User Agent String. As of writing this article, the "Safari 6 on iPad" option appears to allow for direct login using a Google Account and the Web Content Settings → Enable Popups setting will also need to be enabled. 

Control from Rules / Smart Hub

You can also control Fully Kiosk Browser like a 'device' from your smart home hub. Popular community integrations include:

This enables you to control your Fully Kiosk instance with commands like `loadURL()` to change which dashboard is displayed. There's a number of other neat commands like turning the screen on/off and starting/stopping the screensaver, so be sure to check out the threads linked above.

If you're looking for faster switching of dashboard URLs, check out the Fast Switch with Fully Kiosk community post. It's a more technical approach than basic command to load a URL, but is much faster.

Back to Foreground

The Bring Fully Kiosk to Foreground thread in the community has some helpful tips on various tricks that can be used for making sure your dashboards get brought back to the foreground after you use your tablet to open another app. 

Common Configuration Settings

A number of common configuration settings for Fully Kiosk Browser can be found in this configuration post in the community. It's not necessarily an all-inclusive/exhaustive post, but does go into detail on a wide variety of common settings and how they are often configured. 

Remote Configuration

Did you know that you can configure Fully Kiosk Browser remotely? This is super convenient for setting your Start URL to a specific dashboard page as the dashboard IDs are quite long. In order to enable this feature, open Settings → Remote Administration and check the box for Enable Remote Administration as well as Remote Admin from Local Network. Be sure to set a password and then you will be able to access and configure Fully Kiosk Browser from another device on your network.
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