What devices does SharpTools work with?

            SharpTools works with a wide variety of devices thanks to our integrations with popular smart home hubs like SmartThings and Hubitat

            SharpTools has integrations for following types of devices*:
            1. On/Off devices
              1. Light switches
              2. Outlets
              3. Plug-in Outlets
              4. Virtual switches
            2. Dimmable devices
              1. Light bulbs
              2. Plug-in Dimmers
              3. Level control
              4. Volume Control
            3. Color control devices
              1. RGB(W) Bulbs (incl. Philips Hue)
              2. RGB(W) Strips
            4. Locks
            5. Garage Doors
            6. Thermostats
              1. Heating and cooling thermostats
              2. Heating only / Cooling only thermostats
              3. Radiators (via heating thermostat)
            7. Music Player / Media Player / Smart Speakers
            8. Contact Sensors
            9. Temperature Sensors
            10. Presence Sensors
            11. Valves
            12. Water Sensor / Leak Sensor
            13. Weather devices (how to setup, custom device specifications)
            Note that any device which implements at least 'Sensor' or 'Actuator' capabilities can be authorized in SharpTools and values from that device can be displayed in a Hero Attribute Tile. This makes the compatibility list effectively limitless. The following list is a sample of the type devices that can be displayed:
            1. Battery
            2. Carbon Monoxide / Dioxide
            3. Custom Attributes
            4. Energy / Power / Voltage
            5. Forecast (Weather)
            6. Humidity
            7. Illuminance / Lux / Ultraviolet (UV)
            8. Music Player Track
            9. Smoke Detector
            10. Sunrise / Sunset (Weather)
            11. Temperature
            12. Volume Level
            13. Wind (Weather)
            *Devices must implement specific 'capabilities' in order for the automatic tile detection to occur. For example, dimmable devices must implement 'Switch Level' for the dimmable functionality to work. 

            For the full list of devices that are compatible with the smart hubs that connect to SharpTools, check out their respective web pages.
            1. SmartThings Device Compatibility
            2. Official Hubitat Device Compatibility
            Each of these platforms supports a wide variety of devices from major manufacturers like GE, First Alert, IKEA, Kwikset, Leviton, Lutron, Philips Hue, Rachio, Samsung, SmartThings, Somfy, Sonos, Sylvania, Yale, Aeotec, Dome, Ecolink, Fibaro, GoControl, Hank, Inovelli, LIFX, Linear, Monoprice, NEO, NYCE, Osram, Qubino,  Sengled, Zooz and more.

            Some devices may be available within SmartThings or Hubitat, but expose limited capabilities when connected with third party apps like SharpTools. For example, cameras like Arlo, Nest, and Ring may be controlled from SharpTools (eg. Modes), but do not support streaming video. There are some workarounds for showing streams or image snapshots that can be found in the SharpTools community.

            Also note that SmartThings and Hubitat both have very active developer communities. So if your device isn't officially supported, be sure to search the community or reach out to us at

            1. SmartThings Community (search)
            2. Hubitat Community Device Wiki

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