Manually Remove SharpTools SmartApp from SmartThings

            If you need to manually remove the SharpTools SmartApp from SmartThings, please follow the steps below. 
            Note that the preferred method of disconnecting is to proceed through the authorization process like normal and after selecting a location to authorize, select Deny instead of Authorize. This will return a denial message back to the SharpTools Android App or (depending on where you started the authorization process from), which will also trigger a removal / cleanup of the connection.
            If you are having trouble using SharpTools or have questions, please reach out to us at

            SmartThings Classic Mobile app

            1. Tap Automation in the bottom navigation
            2. Select the SmartApps tab
            3. Scroll down to SharpTools and select it
            4. Scroll to the bottom and tap Remove

            Samsung SmartThings Mobile app

            1. Slide out the left navigation and tap Automations
            2. Scroll down and tap SharpTools
            3. Tap the `...` in the top-right corner and select Delete

            SmartThings IDE (web based)

            1. Login to
            2. Tap My Locations
            3. Tap SmartApps next your your location
            4. Tap Edit (right side, just under the location pic)
            5. Tap Uninstall next to SharpTools

            Updated: 28 Jun 2019 06:13 AM
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