Rule Logs

As each rule is run, the platform logs information about each step of execution which you can reference in the Rule Logs to verify if a rule was triggered as expected and gain insights when troubleshooting rule logic. 

What are Rule Logs?

Rule Logs track information about each step in the execution a rule including the trigger, actions, IF Condition comparisons, and more. It enables you to trace what, when, and how a rule executed in a high level message view. Additionally, you can drill into the details of each step to see relevant runtime data such as variables or device state.
Common use cases include:
  • Verify if a newly created rule gets triggered and executed as expected or not
  • Troubleshoot why a rule didn’t execute by following the expected logic, such as IF Conditions
  • Check the history to see if a rule was triggered or not around a specific time (within the past 3 days)

How to Access Rule Logs

You can now access each rule’s execution logs by tapping the dropdown menu at top-right corner in the Rule Editor when viewing the rule’s setup.

Or tap the ... next to the rule you want to check in the Rule List, and select “View Logs”

Change Time Period in Log Viewer

The log viewer defaults to viewing the last hour of data for a rule. You can also quick jump to last 3 hours of logs or time jump to a particular point in time within the past 3 days.

View Log Details

The details of each log entry can be accessed by tapping the view button next to each entry. The details view will include any relevant runtime data if available for the step you are viewing. This can be especially helpful when verifying the comparison results in an IF Condition, among other things.

View Filter

By default, the log entries are grouped by execution. You can also view the log entries in chronological order by selecting Filters and unchecking the Rule Execution.

If you need to trace debugging details for troubleshooting purposes, you can include the Debug level entry in the filter.

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