Custom Icons (File Uploads)

You can upload custom icons to your SharpTools account for use in your dashboards from one of two places:

  • When editing a tile and attempting to select an icon, under the Files tab
  • From the Files tab of the Manage Resources section of your User Page

You can either drag files from your desktop onto the page or tap the upload button at the bottom of the screen to upload an image.

When you edit a tile and go to select an icon, you’ll see a new tab interface that enables you to switch between the normal System icons and your own uploaded Files.
For convenience, you can also upload images from Files tab of the icon selector. By default, tapping an uploaded media item will select it for use in your tile. You can also tap the Enable Edit Mode link in the bottom right corner to enable the multi-selection and ability to view/delete items. Just make sure to switch back out of edit mode if you want to select an icon.


What style guidelines should I follow?
The beauty of this feature is you can use whatever style icons you choose! That being said, our base icon library is based on Font Awesome so we follow their Icon Design Guidelines. That means that a 4:5 ratio with no additional padding or whitespace will scale to fill the available icon space best
How can I upload icons that change with my tile colors?
If you upload an SVG file that has no fill properties set on it, the system is able to embed the SVG inline and can apply colors from your Theme Styles to the image. 
You can try running your SVG through the SVG Stripper before uploading it to SharpTools to remove fill and stroke properties and enable the SVG to have tile colors applied to it.
Can I only upload SVGs?
You can upload any image type including SVG, PNG, JPEG, and more. When it comes to icons, SVGs are the preferred format as they are small file sizes, scale well, and blend in best with dashboard designs.
Why does my image show a [white/black/insert color] background?
Make sure your image format supports transparent backgrounds (PNG, SVG, WebP) and that the image has been saved with a transparent background. We don’t perform any processing on images, so it’s up to your image to natively support transparency in a browser.
Why did my icon stop showing after I edited it?
If you already selected a custom icon for use on a dashboard, if you re-upload the media file or delete the media file, it will no longer be displayed on your dashboard. After re-uploading an icon with the same name, you'll need to reselect it in your desired tiles. Alternatively, you can upload the icon with a new name to avoid the breaking the old icon reference. 
Why doesn’t the font color apply to my SVG?
If your SVG has any fill, stroke, or stop-color properties set, your browser won’t be able to override the built-in colors and falls back to displaying the SVG in an image tag. You may be able to open your SVG file in a text editor and remove the offending properties. See above and try the SVG Stripper
How much file space do I have?
You have 50MB of space available for uploads.
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