Are there special optimizations I should make for Samsung devices?

This article is referring to the SharpTools for Android Tasker Plugins and Widgets. This does not apply directly to dashboards and Rule Engine.
If you are using a Samsung phone and are experiencing issues with Tasker or Widget actions for SharpTools not executing as expected, you may need to whitelist Tasker and SharpTools.
On many modern Samsung devices, this is available at:
Smart Manager → Battery → App Optimization
Other users have reported that you can find the feature at:
  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Device Maintenance
  3. Select Battery
  4. Scroll down and select Unmonitored Apps
  5. Select Add Apps and specify apps that you don't want to get put to sleep
Furthermore, some users have reported that even after whitelisting SharpTools as an unmonitored app, they had to completely disable the Power Saving Mode. (eg. Change the mode from the default of "Mid" to "Off")
Also note that some Samsung devices have a 'data saver' feature. If you are still having difficulties using SharpTools on your Samsung device, please look for the data saver option and disable data saver for SharpTools and Tasker.
If you are using any VPNs, Task Killers, or Memory Management tools, be sure to check out the article:
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