How do I install SharpTools for Android?

Looking for a way to display your SharpTools dashboards on your Android device? Check out the Add to Homescreen approach or our Fully Kiosk Browser article.
SharpTools for Android is publicly available from Google Play.
Download SharpTools
Once you have downloaded SharpTools on your Android device, follow the steps below to get started:
  1. Open SharpTools
  2. Slide out the left navigation drawer and click Settings
  3. Click the Authenticate button and start the authentication process
Once you have authorized access to some of your Things, you can add a Widget to your homescreen or use the plugins in Tasker. You might also be interested in the examples page which shows just a few of the many ways you can use SharpTools to automate your life.
Email or post on the SharpTools community if you have any questions or feedback.
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