How do I set up Twilio SMS?

Twilio is a global communications platform with international SMS support.

In order to use Twilio SMS with SharpTools, you will need to purchase a Twilio Phone Number and have credits in your Twilio account to send SMS messages. Twilio uses a pay for what you use model and pricing can be found on the Twilio SMS Pricing page for your country.
This typically means a base fee of $1-5 for a phone number and then $0.01-0.10 per SMS message.
For example, in the UK a single phone number that sends 100 messages per month would cost $5/month ($1/phone number + $0.04/message * 100 messages)
You are responsible for any billing and payments with Twilio. We strongly recommend leaving Auto Recharge disabled on your Twilio account to prevent any unintended large charges.

How to Connect Twilio SMS to SharpTools

Register Twilio Account + Phone Number

In order to connect Twilio SMS to SharpTools, you'll need to first register a Twilio account and register a Phone number.
  1. Create a Twilio account
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  2. While logged into Twilio, navigate to the Phone Numbers search page
  3. Search for and purchase an SMS enabled phone number
    Note: Make sure the phone number you purchase has an icon under the SMS field.
    If you already have an existing Twilio SMS enabled phone number from another project, feel free to use it.
Note that while you are on a Twilio trial, you can only send SMS messages to phone numbers that you've verified and messages may have trial text appended to them. Upgrade your Twilio account in order to removed these restrictions. 

Connect Twilio to SharpTools

Now that you have a Twilio account registered and a Twilio phone number registered, you can connect Twilio SMS to SharpTools
  1. Open your user Page
  2. Tap the Manage Connections button
  3. Select Twilio SMS from the list
  4. Copy your SID and Auth Token from your Twilio console into the Account SID and Auth Token fields in SharpTools
    Note: You may need to click 'view' to copy your Auth Token
  5. Copy your SMS enabled phone number from the Twilio Phone Numbers page into the 'From Number' field
  6. Press Save to complete the process
Congratulations! You've successfully linked your Twilio SMS account to your user account!
You can now use the Notification → Twilio (SMS) action in the Rule Engine!
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