Rule Screenshot Guide

We've made it simple and easy for you to capture a full screenshot of your rule logic via our Rule Screenshot functionality. This allows you to save, copy, or share your automation configurations on community discussions, social media platforms, or even on your support tickets.

Steps to Capture a Rule Screenshot

First, navigate to the Rule Management page and select the rule you wish to capture. Tap on the ... icon located at the upper-right section of the page and choose "Take Screenshot".

Location of the Rule Screenshot Menu

Once the screenshot appears, you have the option to download the image directly or copy it by performing a right-click on desktops or a long-press on mobile devices.

Rule Screenshot Dialog on Desktop

What's fantastic about the Rule Screenshot feature is its ability to capture the entire rule, including those that extend beyond a single screen view. This convenience is particularly handy on mobile devices where capturing lengthy rules could be challenging.

Rule Screenshot from Mobile

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