Hubitat Migration Tool

If you're reading this article, you may be considering migrating to a Hubitat C8 or have already migrated. Please note that while the Hubitat migration tool can move your devices and apps to a new hub, it is not capable of transferring the Location ID (Hub ID), so it’s not a seamless migration for many apps. 

For example, when Hubitat devices are synced over to SharpTools, they are identified by their unique combination of Location ID + Device ID. As such, even though the new hub can retain the Device IDs, it has a completely new Location ID so the ‘migrated’ devices look like completely new devices to the SharpTools. 

Migration Tools

We've released a SharpTools Hubitat Migration tool to automatically update your dashboards and rules to point to the new location. Make sure you've authorized both the old and new hub to your SharpTools account, then visit the link below and follow the instructions:

Known Issues

  • Multi-Device triggers in Rules will be converted to the equivalent number of individual device triggers. There is no functional impact other than the triggers becoming ungrouped in the UI. 

Also note that if you want to disconnect the old Hubitat location from your SharpTools account, you would need to do so while it is still authorized and active, but please wait to complete the aforementioned SharpTools migration before disconnecting the old location. 

If you've already completed the migration process and you'd like to delete your previous Hubitat location from SharpTools, you can temporarily power up the old hub and reauthorize it so you can then disconnect it or you can reach out to support with the Doc ID of the old hub and we can delete it for you. 

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