Custom Date Format in Super Tiles

The Date/Time item within Super Tiles supports a variety of formatting 'tokens' for creating a custom date/time string. While the built-in presets within the drop-down provide a quick at-a-glance reference, the full list of options is documented below.

Looking for the full list of date formats that are available to Rule Expressions? Check out the Date Formats in Rule Expressions article. 
Format Output Description
YY 18 Two-digit year
YYYY 2018 Four-digit year
M 1-12 The month, beginning at 1
MM 01-12 The month, 2-digits
MMMM January-December The full month name
D 1-31 The day of the month
DD 01-31 The day of the month, 2-digits
Do 1st 2nd ... 31st The day of the month with ordinal
dddd Sunday-Saturday The name of the day of the week
H 0-23 The hour
HH 00-23 The hour, 2-digits
h 1-12 The hour, 12-hour clock
hh 01-12 The hour, 12-hour clock, 2-digits
m 0-59 The minute
mm 00-59 The minute, 2-digits
s 0-59 The second
ss 00-59 The second, 2-digits
A AM PM Post or ante meridiem, upper-case
a am pm Post or ante meridiem, lower-case
Note that this is a subset of the formats supported by the Rule Engine. This means many formats like d, dd, ddd, SSS, Z, ZZ, and others are not supported within the Date/Time item within Super Tiles even though they are supported within Rule Engine expressions. 
Special characters like spaces, dashes, periods, commas, and slashes are preserved. Square bracket characters should not be used as these are reserved for future use. 
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