How to Find Doc ID

This article includes instructions on how to retrieve the Doc ID for devices, Rule ID for rules, and Dashboard ID for dashboards.

🛑 Please share the Doc ID as text.

You are welcome to include a screenshot if you'd like, but please make sure you also include a text copy of the Doc ID.

Thing / Device

If you've been asked by support for the "Doc ID" of a device, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your User Page
  2. Tap the `...` next to the location in question
  3. Scroll down and tap on your desired device
  4. Flip the Advanced toggle in the top-right
  5. Copy the value from the "Doc ID" field and share it with support


If you've been asked to share the Rule ID for troubleshooting, you can either:

  • Open the rule for editing in your browser and send the full URL of the rule to support
  • Open the logs for the rule and then copy the Rule ID displayed at the top


You can open your dashboard within a browser, then send the full URL displayed in your browser to support. 

Super Tiles

Open the Super Tiles tab of the Manage Resources page, then right click (or long-press) on the Super Tile name and select 'Copy link address'

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